Iranian Journal of Sociology is a publication that is published with the official license of the Iranian Sociological Association, under the title "Scientific Journal" (newly approved by the Ministry of Science). This journal was initially published until 2001 under the title "Letter of the Iranian Sociological Association" - in 5 issues from 1992 to 2001 - and since 2002 it has been published as a quarterly (4 issues per year).

The main sponsors of this journal are mainly members of the Iranian Sociological Association, who have collaborated both in forming the association and in sending article to the journal office for publication. The members of the editorial board and the managing director, who is the elected president of the Iranian Sociological Association, are also regular members of the association. However, the Iranian Journal of Sociology welcomes receiving articles from authors outside the official domain of the Association, provided that it should be consistent with the journal's policy and sociological issues and realities (theoretically and / or empirically).

Until now, the article was submitted by respected authors by sending three typed copies along with a compact disc (CD) containing the article, but from now on, the first step to submit an article is to register in the website of Iranian Journal of Sociology and submit the article via this website that is subsequently sent to the journal office with the help of the authors' tips electronically.


-Free and easy access to the findings and articles published in the Iranian Journal of Sociology is one of the basic goals of this journal.


- The last coefficient of impact of the publication is (Q2).


- According to the latest ranking of publications of the Ministry of Science, the rank of the journal is "B".


The acceptance rate of articles in the year is 0.20.